Celebrating 50 years of Quality, Trust and Timely Service

About Cambridge Time Spares

Over four decades of rich experience in the Watch & Jewelry Tools trade has made "Anchor," a well known and much preferred brand, representing quality, price value and innovation.

What began as a family business importing watch parts from Switzerland and other parts of Europe, pioneered and established itself as an exporter of watch, clock and jewelry tools and equipment worldwide.

The journey, like many others was marked with challenges and expectations, yet the 3 generations of the Ghadially family - the late Esmail Ghadially to his son, Moize Ghadially and his grandson Mazhar Ghadially who have grown the vision of providing Indian products to the world market and creating a niche for themselves while doing so. The traditional craft introduced by the Late EE Ghadially to his dynamic and entrepreneurial son, Mr Moize Ghadially created a powerful quest to have Indian tools make a mark on the global market, as he felt the quality, precision and authenticity possible with the craftsmanship in India would lead to better pricing and add tremendous value to businesses worldwide. This then began a long and steady association across continents with clients in 60 countries. With every generation comes a wave of further innovation and Mazhar while continuing to expand global operations, also makes Emma the sister brand of Anchor debut in the India retail market.

The vision has always been distinct and bold and the patronage enjoyed by Cambridge Time Spares with business houses in over 60 countries is evidence that the vision was backed with hard work, dedication and a simple desire to pioneer.

The future is to consistently add to over 3000 products in the current portfolio and continue the trend of innovation at competitive prices with efficient delivery cycles.

With your blessings and continued association, this journey ahead will be a meaningful one for all.

July 2023

Dear Valued Customer

Embarking on a journey 50 years ago as Cambridge Times Spares with the Anchor brand was purely driven by passion and a desire to create value for our customers.

Reaching our golden jubilee milestone this year is largely due to a wonderful team that endeavours to innovate and even more importantly, trusted partners and associations that enabled us to ‘Be More !’ We are proud of the effort, valuable and timely feedback we have received over the years, our quest to embrace technology and digitise ahead of time, expand our product line to customise and personalise and add to our portfolio, quality products at cost effective prices to match pace with market variables that have indeed changed over a period of time.

The last 50 years have seen 4 generations further this powerful vision, and we consider it a matter of pride and privilege to serve customers in over 100 countries across the globe. Blessed are we to have this support, and in recognition of this, we are excited to offer better quality to make our association an even more fruitful relationship for your organisation. This celebration marks an important milestone in our journey, and we would love for you to partake in this momentous occasion.

Please visit our website where we have a range 3000 and more Tools for Watch maker Tools, Jeweler’s and Clock Parts. Our Catalogue of CTS 2023 is enclosed herewith.

As we celebrate our 77th year as one of the largest democracies in the world, we are grateful that these special milestones coincide and our ‘Made in India’ products make way to your warehouses.

Forever in gratitude for your patronage, and looking forward to another long innings with you.

Moize E.Ghadially
Mazhar Ghadially


Our Team

Three generations of the Ghadiallys

Late Esmail Ghadially

1st Generation

Moize Ghadially

2nd Generation

Mazhar Ghadially

3rd Generation
Cambridge Time Spares

50+ years of Quality, Trust and Timely Serivce

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