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Day-Light Lamp Dove Grey

SKU: 1004A
(220V) With 2 tube lights 15 watt; flexible and adjustable to any position.

PL-11 Fluorescent Lamp Plastic

SKU: 1004c
For jewellery manufacturing and stone setting.

“AIR” Handhold Magnifier

SKU: 3073
3x/5x magnification lenses. USB Type "C" charging slot with 5 hours usage in 1 charge of 45 minutes. 16 pcs daylight ring feather touch.

“AIR” Magnifier Ultra Clean Lense

SKU: 2035
(3.5x/5x Magnification) UV free 5600K - 6000K. True white daylight LED with wide viewing area.

AIR” Diamond Grading Lamp

SKU: 2036
18 watt neutral light. True-day light 5600K to 6000K brightness.

Economical Folding Lamp

SKU: 1903
The portable grading lamp is perfect for diamond/ gemstone grading or jewellery appraisal on the go. The metal plate on the base has slot for screw. Its portable size is ideal for travelling and also with low power consumption.

Colour View UV Lamp

SKU: 1052
Exact 365NM colour wavelength original Phillips tubes. Can see all fluorescence types - none, mild, medium and strong. Packed in a faux leather pouch.