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“AIR” Magnifier Ultra Clean Lense

SKU: 2035
(3.5x/5x Magnification) UV free 5600K - 6000K. True white daylight LED with wide viewing area.

2 Sided Nylon Hammer with Replaceable Heads

SKU: 1555
Safely use it on metals without marring or scratching the surface on use.1555.01 Replaceable Nylon Head Wt: 10 gms/pc Price: US$ 0.40/pc

21mm Euro Pro Eye Loupes 10x

SKU: 1915
European triplet lense with a light weight aluminium case.

21mm Triplet Lense Tripod with Round Legs

SKU: 1217
Belgium quality. Lense is triplet and first time from India. Packed in a leather pouch

Abrasive Polishing Points in a Wooden Box (36)

SKU: 666
Great for finishing and polishing semi-precious stones. Made from aluminium oxide. Shapes include: Cylinder, Flat Edge Wheel, Knife Edge, Bud and Inverted Cone.Contains 36 Polishing abrasives Weight: 300 gms/box

Acid Bottle Glass Empty

For testing solutions - Gold, Silver and Platinum. Environment friendly and can be reused.

Adjustable Ring Mandrel Stand

SKU: 1514
Size - (13½” x 2”) All steel construction that can be fixed to your workbench. One side can be moved upwards with a spanner provided. (Ring mandrel sold separately)

Adjustable Wall Bracket

SKU: 1806
Can raise or lower tools upto 4” in ½” increments.

Agate Burnisher

Excellent for burnishing and creating bright mirror finish. Made of natural stone. Also helps removing imperfections on jewellery.

Air Texturing Gun

Useful tool to get dull or matt texture to jewellery. Hammer action of diamond tipped tool adds a luxurious texture and sparkle to gold and silver jewellery diamond hammering point is replaceable.

Aluminium Loupe Euro Pro Series

SKU: 1866
•Light weight construction aluminium body with a screw-on aluminium bezel which holds the 22mm lens in place. •Colour coded in Blue (2½x), Red (5x), Green (7½x), Yellow (10x). •Set of 4 loupes in box provided with a head band spring.1866A Individual Loupes Weight 20 gms/pc Price: US$ 1.50/pc

Aluminium Ring Gauge Set of 36

SKU: 1549
Universal Sizes: 1-36, 41-76. Multi-colour. 1549 European Standard 1549A British Standard

Anchor Ring Stretcher with Round Base

SKU: 814
Enlarges ring effortlessly on simple down stroke motion of the lever by applying uniform distributed pressure. Pillar type mandrel with narrow diameter on top easily allows any size of ring.

Assorted Piercing Saw Blades Gold

SKU: 1657
(1 Gross) Sizes: 4/0, 3/0, 2/0, 1/0, 1 and 2. Two dozen of each size in a yellow wallet; total 144 pcs.

Bangle Die Press

SKU: 1944
Size - (3” x 1½”) This inexpensive die press makes different waves & patterns on bangles and hoop earrings without need of an expensive hydraulic press. Place your wire between 2 halves and hammer on it using your raw hide mallet. 3 Aluminium spacers uses wire from Patterns available:

Bangle Flattening / Planishing Hammer

SKU: 1843
Ideal for both the hobby and professional jeweller to flatten bangles and other forms of sheet metals. Plates are 4” in diameter and hardened steel.

Bangle Forming Dies Set of 10 on Wood Base

SKU: 1829
•5 pcs of 40mm x 50mm •5 pcs of 60mm x 50mm •1 Pin - diameter 19mm x length 200mm

Bangle Gauge Metal

SKU: 1791
Size: 1½ to 3⅜”; Reversible 1 - 27

Basket for Jewellery

SKU: 43
Use this inside a plastic jar with cleaning liquid - acts like a ultrasonic basket.

Beading Plier

SKU: 1280A
Available in Flat, Chain, Round and Side Cutter. Soft cushion handles for excellent grip.

Bench Pin for Ring Setters Clamp

SKU: 953
Handle of # 813 is unscrewed and placed through the centre hole beneath the steel plate and head re-installed.

Bench Pin Wooden, Double Cut

SKU: 39
Bench Pin Wooden (Durable Hardwood), Double Cut Made to slot into your workbench and can be used for a wide variety of jewellery related work like filing, sawing and flattening.

Bezel Block with Set of 11 Punches

SKU: 3072
5 different shapes available 3072 Marquise 3078 Hexagonal 3076 Oval 3079 Heart 3077 Square

Bezel Forming Block Set (Round)

SKU: 1937
Produce perfect bezels and prong settings with this finely polished, high-grade steel punch and block set. This set includes: •20 sizes of round punches •1 nos. 17° angled punch precisely machined to fit each bezel size in the set •Additional shapes and sizes are available by special order •Bezel sizes smallest to largest: 5mm – 20mm •Maximum thickness: 20 gauge

Bezel Mandrel Economy, Set of 6

SKU: 728-A
Surface hardened with European design handles. Shapes: Oval, Round, Rectangle, Square, Triangle and Hexagonal

Bezel Mandrels Economy

SKU: 728
Cast tool steel measuring approx 11”; tapers ½” to ⅛” Used to form bezels in different shapes.

Bezel Setting Punches in a Wood Box

Round, from size 2mm to 9mm. For shaping bezel over round stones, pkd in a wood box with chuck for holding the punches.

Bifocal Magnifier

SKU: 1145
(3x and 5x) Two magnifiers built into one compact handle. Made from acrylic. Diameter 50mm

Bow Opening Plier

Opens all sizes of jump rings Length: 5¾”; Coiled Springs

Bow Opening Plier 5¾”

Opens all sizes of jump rings; coiled springs.

Bracelet Bending Plie

SKU: 1963
Heavy-duty stainless steel with teflon jaws for bending, forming and reshaping.

Bracelet Enlarger

SKU: 1010
Dual purpose of enlarging round bracelets up to 3” in diameter and for repairing bracelets and bangles that have gone out of shape. Round bracelets will be enlarged up to 5mm.

Brass and Fibre Mallet with Aluminium Handle

SKU: 663
Total length : 230mm (9”); Nylon face: 13.60mm; Brass face: 14.20mm.