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Jewellers Bench Anvil Large

SKU: 1
Size: 5” x 2½” x 1½” Wide flat horn and face for forming, shaping, bending and flattening. Cast Iron.

Miniature Horn Anvil

SKU: 2
For flattening and shaping with polished round and flat horn. Hole on top aids riveting.

Jewellers Anvil

SKU: 1317
One flat horn - one round horn with hole on top for riveting. Bottom has a threaded hole to screw on to and secure firmly on work-bench.

Double Horn Anvil on Round Base

SKU: 3
75mm heavy round base can be fixed on two points to work-bench. Length across horns is 110mm.

Jumbo Anvil on Removable Round Base

SKU: 1668
7 pounds - large version of the versatile bench tool. Length of anvil head: 7½”; Base diameter: 4½”

Slot Anvil

SKU: 1141
Hardened tool steel with v-slot and 9 holes for staking and riveting on small parts.

Riveting Hexagonal Stake

SKU: 363
Large with 15 holes and 5 serrations 3/64” to 1/4”. Used as a base for drilling, riveting and staking small parts.

Sand Bags

SKU: 1290
Hardy leather pads filled with sand. Used as a base that adjusts to the shape of tools that you place on them. Handy for all kinds of metal working whether dapping, engraving or forming.

Round Tool Makers Bench Block

SKU: 1868
This is a hardened steel anvil, similar to a staking anvil. It is a simple multi-purpose tool, for holding and positioning work while hammering, staking, riveting, etc. (3” Dia x 1.5” Height)

Jewellers Steel Bench Block

Hardened steel with mirror finish. For hardening wire jewellery designs, metal cutting and texturing jewellery and craft material.

Bench Block 3″ with Wood Base

SKU: 1925
Hammering block made from tempered and hardened steel for flattening and bending wire. Wood base will absorb noise and transfer less vibrations onto hands whilst working. Size: 3" x 3" x 1.2"

Rubber Dapping Blocks

Will not leave scratches when dapping with steel or wood.

Hammering Anvil

SKU: 1465
2 round discs of 3” diameter fitted onto a rubber base of 4” diameter. Use steel disc for the harder metals and nylon disc for non-marring purposes.

Steel Bench Block inserted into Rubber Cushion Base

SKU: 1675
Steel Bench Block (3” x 3” x 10mm) inserted into Rubber Cushion Base (4” x 4”)

Jewellers / Silversmith Steel and Rubber Base Anvil

SKU: 1469
30mm rubber suction base allows hammering without noise. Reversible feature - 9 grooves (3 each of rectangle, half round, and ‘v’ grooves) and other side has 11 round grooves (5mm to 20mm). Used for a variety of dapping applications.

Rosewood Draw Plate Small

SKU: 1507
Size: 3½” x 2½” Holes are tapered to facilitate pulling soft wire or woven chains. Tang helps you to attach to a vice. Hole Size: 1.2mm to 6.5mm

Rosewood Draw Plate Large with Handle

SKU: 1508
12 smooth holes from 3mm to 14mm. Simply pull the soft chain or woven chain through consecutively smaller holes to reduce size of chain.