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Bow Opening Plier

Opens all sizes of jump rings Length: 5¾”; Coiled Springs

Jump Ring Maker

SKU: 1562
Versatile tool to effectively produce jump rings quickly. Coil the wire around one of the 20 mandrels from 2.5mm to 12mm.1562.01 Extra Cutting Disc @ US$ 5.00/pc

Bead Opening AWL

SKU: 1477
Specifically made to ream out beads so the opening is wide enough to crump inside it. AWL Length 6” with coated PVC handle; square block: 25mm x 25mm.

Bead Locking Springs (Pkt of 12)

SKU: 1625
2 sizes: small and large Use them as stoppers at the end of the strand so that beads don’t fall off.

Jump Ring Tool New with 10 Grooves

SKU: 1929
0.30mm: 3 grooves | 0.50mm: 3 grooves 0.72mm: 2 grooves | 0.80mm: 2 grooves

Jump-Ring Opening Tool

SKU: 1467
Easily opens all size and gauge of jump rings using the 4 slots by turning them sideways.

Sorting Tray Plastic Hollow

SKU: 388
4” x 2½” (White/Black) Simple tray to sort beads.

Sorting Tray Triangular

Use with pearls, beads and stones. Size: 3¼” x 3¼” x 3¼”

Plastic Bead Scoop Extra Large

SKU: 1163
Our 6” scoop allows use for large sized beads that cannot be used with our smaller triangular trays.

Bead Scoop SS,

SKU: 1585
Features an elongated shape with pointed and curved end to scoop beads of all sizes easily. Very effective in picking up tiny seed beads and putting them into a tube. Size - 6⅛”

Sorting Tray for Beads Small

SKU: 387
Grooves help in stringing and indentation. Helps in sorting of size. Size: 4” x 2½” (White/Black)

Sorting Tray for Beads Superior

SKU: 389
Grooves help in stringing and indentation. Helps in sorting of size. Size: 7” x 4”(White/Black)

Plastic Bead Board

SKU: 906
With 5 grooves of different sizes for sorting and stones. (White/Black) Size: 7” x 4”

Bead String Board Wooden with 3 Grooves

SKU: 47
Made from solid wood. Useful to align beads before stringing. Grooves are perfectly made for organising any kind of bead work. Black colour. Size: 13¾” x 3¾” x ½”

Bead String Board Wooden with 6 Grooves

SKU: 48
Made from solid wood. Useful to align beads before stringing. Grooves are perfectly made for organising any kind of bead work. Black colour. Natural polish colour. Size: 13¾” x 3¾” x ½”

Plastic Bead Board Lightweight

SKU: 807
Features 2 compartments and 3 centre grooves to organise beads during stringing. Black only.

Beading Tool Kit

SKU: 808
Ideal for amateur beaders and hobbyists. Contains: • Plastic Bead Board • Fine Point Scissor • Tweezer #5 (Steel) • Knotting Needle • 80 mm Brass Gauge • Half Round Plier 4½” • Round Plier 4½” • Side Cutting Plier 4½”

Bead Tray Flock Velvet (Grey)

SKU: 1124
6 compartments; 3 strands. Flock velvet prevents marring beads and prevent them from rolling off. Size: 9” x 12”

Bead Tray Flock Velvet

SKU: 1125
Size: 21” x 7½”; 6 squares and 4 grooves

Bead Pearls Sorting Acrylic Sieve Box

SKU: 1262
8 sieves of sizes: 2.5mm, 3.5mm, 4.5mm, 5.5mm, 6.5mm, 7.5mm, 8.5mm and 9.5mm

Wire Wrapping Mandrel

SKU: 1267
Useful for making loops of consistent size on wire. Small mandrel size: 1.5, 2.5, 3.5, 4.5, 5mm Large mandrel size: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10mm

Beading Stringing Kit Set of 8

SKU: 1801
Contains: 2 pcs plier 5" chain and round nose; 1 pc plier 5" side cutting; 1 pc tweezer; 1 pc snipe for cords; 1 pc SS bead scoop; 2 pc plastic storage tubs with 8 compartments.

Wooden Tweezer 8”

SKU: 1230
Great for holding pearls, will not scratch the surface.

Tweezer Steel with Shovel End

SKU: 447
For convenient handling of stones and beads Size: 16.5cm

Beading Needle (AWL) with Wooden Handle

SKU: 641
Form knots between beads and pearls and can also be used to clean bead holes.

Reaming Handles Diamond Coated Set of 2

SKU: 1331
Use these handles to ream, enlarge or smoothen rough edges on beads.

Wax Detailer

Excellent tool to file in tiny corners where other tools cannot reach, spiral edges are specially designed for filing waxes.

Wire Rounder

SKU: 1329
Tool to round wire ends once they have been cut. Cup size: 1.80mm on hardwood handle.

Wire Rounder Pin Vice with 3 Burs

SKU: 3087
For deburing the ends of cut wire. Cup size: 1.20, 1.80 and 2.70 mm

Diamond Beading Reamer Set of 3

SKU: 1176
Storage of diamond reamers in holder. Great for filing glass, ceramics, plastic, wood and metals. Allows you to shape, file and grind with precision.

Wood Plier to Hold Rings and Beads

SKU: 1207
3 sizes of cups/holes to hold round beads and 3 grooves to hold rings. Length 6¾”.

Wire Shaping Jig for Beading

SKU: 1310
326 holes with 25 pegs of 2mm diameter. Simply place the steel pegs on the acrylic base, wrap wire to form the shape you desire.

Wire Bender Metal

SKU: 1293
Create amazing shapes with curves and right angles. Has four posts and 2 holes to be screwed on work-bench.

Wire Wizard

SKU: 1737
Make your own designs using this 5½” x 1¼” wire bending jig. Metal plate has 18 rows of 3mm and 17 rows of 2mm holes. Supplied with 3mm and 2mm pins and 9 nylon rings for a wide range of wire work.

Scissors Stainless Steel

Well designed with comfort fit handles for effective cutting on soft wire and metal sheets.

Wooden Ring Stick 3-15

SKU: 1113
Hardwood and useful in wire working as it will not scratch. Not to be used for ring sizing, but only for wire working.

Round Leather Cords for Beads

SKU: 1265
Spools of 100 Meters. We have a range of 25 colours. Braided cords can be quoted on request.
NoColourSize mmUS$/pcWt/pc
ABlack/Brown/Tan0.5011.00100 gms
BBlack/Brown/Tan1.0011.00100 gms
CBlack/Brown/Tan1.5012.50200 gms
DBlack/Brown/Tan2.0015.50200 gms
EBlack3.0020.00300 gms

Bead and Pearl Vice

SKU: 1856
Great for holding pearls and beads for easy and accurate drilling. 2 brass jaws to hold securely.

Pearl Drilling Vice

SKU: 1253
Simple tool to hold pearls/beads in place whilst drilling.

Drill SS Set of 12 for Pearls

SKU: 2068
Comes in a handy organiser. Size: 1mm to 3mm2068.01 Individual Drills @ US$ 4.00/pc

Wooden Bead Spinner

SKU: 1254
Simple tool to spin beads. Place the beads into the wide upper bowl, twist the metal shaft and with a needle you can start stringing effectively.