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Deep Pitch Bowl

SKU: 719
Can be tilted to any angle and used to warm pitch to hold small objects whilst chasing and engraving.

Engraving Block Chrome

SKU: 654
With rotary turntable peg clamp attachment, accessories set and rubber base. Attachments for a wide variety of items. Spherical block is approx 5”. •4 Rubber Pins Small •4 Rubber Pins Large •4 Concave Pins •4 Taper Pins •4 Triangular Pins

Euro Pro Engraving Block with a Leather Base

SKU: 1935
High quality compact design made from stainless steel; for small micro jobs like engraving, stone setting and other precision work that don't require a bigger vise. Unhindered work experience with this quality tool ensures smooth rotation and locking

MINI Engraving Block with Plastic Base

SKU: 1281
Has a self centred jaw system for stone setting, engraving and precision work. Diameter: 3” No accessories provided.

Work Holder on Round Base

SKU: 1297
Get your hands free while working. Can be screwed onto work-bench.

Universal Work Holder Aluminium with Wood Handle

SKU: 245
Holds small odd shaped tool for all kinds of work. Hardwood handle can be removed and used with a bench vice.

Handles Wooden for Gravers

SKU: 232
Hardwood with metal ferrule helps secure graver and avoid splitting of wood. Selection depends on one’s own comfort.

Euro-Pro Engraving Block Attachment

SKU: 1804
Improved quality and versatile designs for a variety of tasks using our engraving blocks #1281 and #654.

Adjustable Wall Bracket

SKU: 1806
Can raise or lower tools upto 4” in ½” increments.

Shelf for Engraving Blocks

SKU: 1809
Made from durable tool steel. Attached itself to the mounting plate to hold the engraving blocks in front of the bench.

Orbital Ring Fixture Attachment for Engraving Blocks

SKU: 1988
With 5 collets of size: 15, 17, 19, 21 & 23mm. Collets with expand 2mm. Nylon collets will hold ring from US Std 3-15 in different angles; fits into engraving block.

Graver Set of 6 with Wooden Handle

SKU: 175
4 flat and 2 onglette. Can be used on metal, wood and plastic for shaping, carving and decorative work

Gravers – Steel

SKU: 178
Square and Diamond Shape for Watchmakers and Jeweller

Gravers HSS

SKU: 1628
Tempered to perfection. Packing: 12 pcs of one size in a box.

Quick Change Graver Handle Pair with Allen Key

SKU: 1373
Gravers are locked inside the aluminium tube. 2 handle lengths: 2¾” Small and 3½” Large. Lightweight.

Graver Sharpeners

SKU: 1167
Crocker Style Locking system provided to ensure that the gravers can be fixed to your degree/angle whilst sharpening on a grinding stone

Sharpener for Graver

SKU: 413
Place the graver in any of the two openings and roll over flat oil stone to sharpen. Measures 2⅛” x 1⅜”

Scratch Awl 4”

SKU: 1487
To mark centre as well as precise indents for saving scribing and chiselling.

Third Hand Soldering Board

SKU: 707
6” x 6” Grey transite board for high heat tolerance with 2 third hands for hands free work as they hold parts while you solder them.

Scrapper Scriber Set of 3, Double Ended

SKU: 1021
•1 black tool steel - straight and bent tips. •1 sharp straight point with closed end. •1 polished steel with centre grip - straight and bent tips.

Centre Punch 4½” Steel

SKU: 1858
Make dents on metal surface for drilling using this hardened tool.