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Eye Glass Aluminium

SKU: 138
Distortion free lense with black coating inside to eliminate glare. Lightweight and durable.

Eye Loupe Plastic with Head Band

SKU: 1304
High tension wire with coating to adjust comfortably on your head.

Rubber Loupe with Metal Silver Ring

SKU: 2104
Made from synthetic soft rubber. Magnification 2.5x, 5x, 7.5x, 10x, 15x, 20x.

Eye Loupe Wooden

SKU: 1495
Sizes: 1½x, 2x, 2.5x, 3x, 3.5x, 4x, 5x, 7x and 10x. Made from high quality wood. Available in Steam Beech and Rosewood finish. 1” distortion free lens. Durable and light-weight.

Eye Glass Plastic (Anchor)

SKU: 1543
Set of 5 in cardboard box. Sizes: 2½x, 3x, 5x, 7x and 10x. Light-weight and compact with good quality lense. Excellent for use at home or work.

Head Band Holder for Eye Loupes

SKU: 1288
Fits any standard loupe. Made from SS wire and fits comfortable around your head, enabling you to have both hands free.

Aluminium Loupe Euro Pro Series

SKU: 1866
•Light weight construction aluminium body with a screw-on aluminium bezel which holds the 22mm lens in place. •Colour coded in Blue (2½x), Red (5x), Green (7½x), Yellow (10x). •Set of 4 loupes in box provided with a head band spring.1866A Individual Loupes Weight 20 gms/pc Price: US$ 1.50/pc

Eye Loupe Plastic with Silver Metal Bezel Set of 4

SKU: 2025
Comes in a handy plastic organiser with individual compartments. Precision Glass Lense. White 10x, Blue 7.5x, Green 3x and Red 5x.2025.01 Individual Loupes Weight: 20 gms/pc Price: US$ 2.25/pc

Bifocal Magnifier

SKU: 1145
(3x and 5x) Two magnifiers built into one compact handle. Made from acrylic. Diameter 50mm

Magnifier with Headband Adjustment

SKU: 675
Two magnifications 2.5x and 2.75x Lightweight construction allows hands free work, a handy tool for students and professionals alike.

Magnifier with Light

Compact magnifier for artists, engineers, hobbyists, students, etc. Works on two 1.5V batteries.

Double Lens Loupy Eye Glass

SKU: 1212
(3.3x + 3.3x) Spring steel will catch most frames. Use either single or double. Can be moved without removing them from the frames.

Eye Magnifier with Helping Hand with 60mm Magnifier

SKU: 1358
Excellent tool for electronic, model/craft and jewellery soldering work. Solid cast, horseshoe base helps provide a suitable and stable hold. Provided with alligator clips.

Plastic Magnifier with 3 lenses

SKU: 854
Diameter: 25mm; Magnification is 15x when all three lenses are used; 10x when two are used and 5x when one is used. Swing away case can be used as a handle and protecting case.

Eye Magnifier with Key Chain

SKU: 702
•We can print your company logo, name nd address on the plastic cover, at no additional cost. •Excellent for advertising. •Each piece packed in individual cartons

Linen Tester Plastic in 10x, 7x, 5x

SKU: 1144
Inexpensive version of linen tester. Scales are marked on base to measure.

Eye Magnifier 10x for Diamond with Stand

SKU: 157
Lense 25mm mounted on a pole attached to sturdy base. Adjust the pole and lense whilst sorting as per your work requirement

TRIPLET Lenses Eye Loupes 18mm (10X)

SKU: 1834
First time from India, we give you a Triplet Lense and a attractive diamond cut design on the body to give it rich aesthetic look. Available in Silver and Black and provided with a leather case.

Eye Glass Tripod Nickelled 10x in a Leather Pouch

SKU: 142
Hands free and comfortable to use whilst examining stones on work-bench.

21mm Triplet Lense Tripod with Round Legs

SKU: 1217
Belgium quality. Lense is triplet and first time from India. Packed in a leather pouch

21mm Euro Pro Eye Loupes 10x

SKU: 1915
European triplet lense with a light weight aluminium case.

LED Loupe Triplet Lens,True Daylight

SKU: 1215A
LED Loupe Triplet Lens, 20.5mm (10x), True Daylight 6 bright LEDs are placed as a circular tube around the lens. Supplied with a leather pouch.

Mini 14x Loupe

SKU: 1216
Ideal for checking points of diamond whilst sorting.

Compact Portable Loupe 3 in 1

SKU: 1233
Triplet lense; satin finished. Magnification: 10x, 15x and 20x.

Loupe Chains Metal, Snake Type

SKU: 944
Length has been perfectly made to fit around neck and with good working distance for our jewellery loupes. Lengths vary from 38” to 42”. Chain styles are different to suit the customer choice. Keeps loupe handy around neck in busy working environment.

Eye Loupe Lanyards “AIR”

SKU: 2039
Available in 3 colours: Black/Grey, Black/Blue, Black/Green. High tensile strength.