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Standard Degree Gauge

SKU: 179A
15mm Capacity; Graduations 1 to 10mm; Throat 20mm.

Gauge for Weighing Diamond with Book

SKU: 180
Allows you to estimate the size of diamond without removing it from mounting. Measure girdle diameter and use the conversion booklet provided.

Digital Calliper

SKU: 782
Battery operated and provides accurate sizing in mm and inches.

Precision Micrometer 0 to 25mm

SKU: 781
Carbide tipped measuring faces parallel, ground and lapped. Stainless steel spindle for rust prevention, heat resistant grips and calibration is laser etched.

Gauge Vernier 5” – Metal

SKU: 186
Nickel plated steel with roller adjustment. One edge is graduated in inches reading ½” in ½” in 1/16” divisions and other edge in metric scale from 0 to 120mm in 1mm divisions.

Pearl Gauge

SKU: 905
Elegant precision engineered dial gauge for accurate measurement of pearls and other small stones. Dial features zero adjust and accuracy 0.01mm

Gauge Plastic for Diamonds and Pearls (Anchor Brand)

SKU: 184
Reverse side is metric carat measurement.Capacity: Diamond - 0.02 to 6 carats Pearl - ½ to 40 grains

Jewellery Templates

SKU: 1813
Heavy gauge acrylic for jewellery designs, ring setting and gemstones, diamond weight estimator. Best-sellers are: 18206, 1889, 1802, 1805, 5015, 5016, 5019, 5018, 1890, 2020, 2038, 2010, 2018, 2012, 2014, 2022, 2035, 2036, 2037 and 2041.

Gauge with 7 Arms, 3½”

SKU: 1019
For measuring marquise square, oval, pear, round and baguette cut stone. Measurements in carats only.

Gauge with 4 arms

SKU: 181
For measuring diamonds and stones. Capacity 0.10 to 4 carats

Oval Gauge for Stones

SKU: 765
Width: 55 mm; capacity 0.01 to 4 carats; total 17 sizes. Tiny pocket-sized will help you determine size of round shaped stones.

Metal Pocket Birthstone Gauge

SKU: 680
K&B Diamond and Stone Gauge. Measures loose or mounted stones from 3 points to 4 carats. Birthstone chart on reverse.

Diamond Gauge Pocket Template

SKU: 2066
5 Shapes: Cushion, Round, Tear Drop, Oval and Square. 0.25 ct to 1.50 ct.

Diamond Gauge

SKU: 681
Measures round and baguette stones from 1/100 to 2 carats.

Circular Gauge in Aluminium

SKU: 682
Holes are used to measure stones and extensions are used to measure mountings. Gauge has mm and carat measurements.

Bangle Gauge Metal

SKU: 1791
Size: 1½ to 3⅜”; Reversible 1 - 27

Ring Strip Gauge

SKU: 1792
Measures in MM and 41 - 76 European Standard.

Bracelet and Bangle Measuring Gauge Stand

SKU: 1716
Gauge will measure diameter and circumference in mm and inches. Hollow cavity to store work tools like files, tweezers, gauges, etc.

Plastic Bracelet Gauge Size 15 to 25½”

SKU: 1984
Adjustable band allows accurate measuring of bracelet and bangles.

Bracelet Size Gauges – Metal

Strap type that easily adjusts to measure bracelets or wrist jewellery.

Standard Wire and Sheet Gauge

SKU: 176
Steel construction; will measure wire and sheet in standard and millimetre sizes.

Gauge Stepped Mandrel Aluminium with End Mount

SKU: 198
Sizes: #4 to 13; Total length: 12½” Create wire wrapped rings directly. Mandrel can be removed.

Aluminium Ring Gauge Set of 36

SKU: 1549
Universal Sizes: 1-36, 41-76. Multi-colour. 1549 European Standard 1549A British Standard

Plastic Finger Size with 15 Rings

SKU: 836
Measures sizes from 15mm to 22mm with intervals of 0.5mm