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Double Ended Planishing Hammer

SKU: 1932
With 9 replaceable Delrin heads and a comfort grip wooden handle

Double Ended Planishing Hammer

SKU: 3010
With 18 interchangeable heads, 9 hardened steel and 9 delrin.

Hobby Hammer

SKU: 1510
With 6 interchangeable heads for a wide variety of work. Includes brass, metal, ball pein, chisel, acrylic and regular head.

Hammer Ball Pein Miniature

General use hammers effective for flattening, shaping and removing dents. Heads are hardened and tempered.

Hammer Brass with Handle for Jewellers

SKU: 217
Best used for non-marring jobs. One side is flat and the other dome. Head length 2”; diameter of head ½”

Hammer for Jewellers

SKU: 1794
High quality forged steel 4 oz. Round head for flattening and cross pen head for forming. Superior quality with a beautifully finished wood handle.

Swiss Style Hammer for Watch Maker

SKU: 662
(2½” Head) Ideal for watchmakers and light hobby work. One end is flat and other round for riveting.

Brass and Fibre Mallet with Aluminium Handle

SKU: 663
Total length : 230mm (9”); Nylon face: 13.60mm; Brass face: 14.20mm.

Swiss Style Hammer Set of 5

SKU: 1702
Sizes (length of head x head dia): 50mm x 9mm; 60mm x 10mm; 70mm x 11mm; 80mm x 12mm; 90mm x 14mm. Forged steel heads on hardwood handle.

Hammer Chasing with Handle

(Superior Hardened Heads) Large flat surface is used for flattening objects and round head for riveting. Head is forged steel, mounted on a pistol shaped wood handle.

Hammer w ith Replaceable Brass and Fibre Head

SKU: 727
Total length: 9½”; diameter: ½”; replaceable faces.727.01 Brass Head- Weight: 10 gms/pc Price: US$ 0.75/pc 727.02 Nylon Head- Weight: 10 gms/pc Price: US$ 0.40/pc 727.03 Rubber Head- Price: US$ 0.30/pc 727L 5oz Large Brass/Fiber Mallet Head is 15mm diameter- Price: US$ 4.50/pc

Nylon Wedge Hammer

SKU: 2051
Round head diameter: 1¼” • Length of head: 4¾”

2 Sided Nylon Hammer with Replaceable Heads

SKU: 1555
Safely use it on metals without marring or scratching the surface on use.1555.01 Replaceable Nylon Head Wt: 10 gms/pc Price: US$ 0.40/pc

Delrin Wedge Hammers

SKU: 1475
Delrin is non-marring and known for its strength and durability. One side dome face dia 1”, other side conical wedge.

Checks/Wide Stripes Texturing Hammers

SKU: 1457
1” dia on faces; provides 2 different textures (Not for Sale in the US)

Texturing Hammer, 13-in-1 Interchangeable Heads

SKU: 1662
Brass Flat • Brass Dome • Black Nylon Flat • White Nylon Dome • Round Pin • Square Pin •

Goldsmith Hammers 10”

SKU: 1316
With 1 Round and 1 Closed Head (for working on rings) 1291 With 2 Hexagonal Heads (overall length 4”)

Super Plastic Mallet

SKU: 1274
Head made from polypropylene plastic that will not splinter or fracture when hammering. To be used on soft metals to avoid marring.

Super Plastic Mallet

SKU: 1275
Head made from polypropylene plastic that will not splinter or fracturewhen hammering. To be used on soft metals to avoid marring.

Wooden Mallets

Excellent for removing dents and flattening of metals; length 11

Rubber Mallet

SKU: 1641
Overall length: 10”; dia of head: 44mm; size of head: 3”

Brass Plated Mallets for Disc Cutting

SKU: 1679
Brass being a soft metal will absorb the blow on the disc punches without damaging the steel tools.

Nylon Mallet 10” Superior with Replaceable Heads

SKU: 1315
Diameter of Head - 1” (25mm)Superior quality to our model #225-226-227

Rawhide Mallet

SKU: 1276
Made from genuine rawhide tightly coiled and seasoned for months. Rawhide is the toughest natural substance. Use on soft metals without marring.

Hammer Brass 4oz Ball Pein

SKU: 3011
For jewellery, hobby craft and delicate metal working, will not mar the surface.

Hammer Nylon with Wooden Handle

SKU: 225-227
Popular for a variety of jobs. Heads are screwed on and can be shaped to your specific needs. Durable nylon heads can be replaced.