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Gauge Ring Mandrel 11½”, U.S. Standard 1-15

Steel ring mandrels for forming ring blanks and measuring rings. Satin finished for rust-free product and laser etched markings.

Ring Mandrel 11½” – Superior Steel

For creating and shaping rings. Satin finished for rust-free product (without markings).

Ring Mandrel 14” – Tempered and Hardened, British Standard A to Z, 1-2-3

SKU: 1321
Made from high quality EN 31 steel.1321A Ring Mandrel with no markings @US$ 9.00/pc 1321B US Standard 1-16 @US$ 7.50/pc

Large Ring Mandrel 8½” – MS (Hard Chromed)

SKU: 805
Very useful for making large finger rings, hoop ear rings and bracelets. US Standard size from 16 to 24 by quarter sizes.

Wooden Plain Ring Stick

SKU: 1488
Approximate length: 11½” with handle; tapers from 10mm to 25mm. Useful for shaping rings; wood will help not mar surface of rings.

Bezel Mandrels Economy

SKU: 728
Cast tool steel measuring approx 11”; tapers ½” to ⅛” Used to form bezels in different shapes.

Bezel Mandrel Economy, Set of 6

SKU: 728-A
Surface hardened with European design handles. Shapes: Oval, Round, Rectangle, Square, Triangle and Hexagonal

Ring Design Dies Set of 7

SKU: 1552
Use different shape ends for making decorative designs for rings. Shapes: Oval, Tear Drop, Triangle, Square, Rectangle, Heart and Star.

Wooden Ring Mandrel and Hammer Stand

SKU: 1421
Sits on the corner of your workbench and is ideal to store hammers, ring mandrels. 9 holes for ring mandrels as well as magnetic strip on the side for pliers, files, etc.

Adjustable Ring Mandrel Stand

SKU: 1514
Size - (13½” x 2”) All steel construction that can be fixed to your workbench. One side can be moved upwards with a spanner provided. (Ring mandrel sold separately)