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Electroplating SS Anode

SKU: 1030
Effective for use with any acid based solutions.

Rubber Strips for making Moulds

SKU: 1053
Premium rubber for long lasting moulds produce precise detail.

Media Cleaner

SKU: 1057
To clean the tarnished magnetic and vibrator media.

Magnetic Furnace 1kg

SKU: 1921
• Capable of melting up to 5 kilo of gold. • This is specially designed and constructed for melting metals for casting and alloying. • Led display with touch pad digital read out allows precision temperature control. • Maximum temperature is 2000°F (1100°C). • It takes 10-20 Minutes to first warm up depending on the metal your melting and 10-20 minutes to fully melt your metal depending on the form of material. • Shot or small parts melt faster than large bars or blocks. • Grooved graphite crucible is designed for easy removal from the furnace using specially designed crucible tongs. • You can melt pure silver & gold or alloys such as sterling silver,14k gold 18k gold up to pure. • Some of the metals that can be melted with this furnace are aluminium, copper, gold, lead, silver, sterling silver, tin and zinc.

Magnetic Polisher to use Magnetic Pins

SKU: 1940
Metal Capacity: 500 gms; 0.50 H.P. - 1440 rpm with both side rotation

Soldering Granules

SKU: 1859
•These are specifically designed for use on smaller more delicate jobs, the force of a large flame torch that otherwise would displace the material and interfere with the effectiveness. •Made from fine reflective soldering carbide, reflective grain, odourless and reusable. •Non-contaminating and ideal for use with nonferrous metals •Pack of 900 gms / 32 oz / 2 pounds

Stainless Steel Magnetic Pins

SKU: 1050
These high quality SS magnetic pins do not get tarnished with any solution. Pins are hardened and full length for perfect rotation. Available in 250 gms bottle.

Rubber Wheels and Cylinders

SKU: 1632
Abrasives, Flexible, Rubberised and Aluminium Oxide (Box of 100 pcs)

Silicon Polishers

SKU: 3092
Available in regular silicon and hard silicon Colours: Red, Green and Blue. Shapes: Bullet, Pointed, Knife Edge and Flat Wheels.

Magnetic Solution

SKU: 1058
(1 Litre Pack) To be used in vibrator, magnetic and hand burnishing.

Plating Solutions

SKU: 1032
(1 Litre Pack) Ready to use and alkaline based. Rose, Green and Yellow. 1032 For Gold Plating 1032A For Silver Plating

Enamel Kit in Wooden Box

SKU: 111
14 bottles (20ml) in different colours Kindly wash the article properly before applying enamel paint. “Cure” the article under bulb heat (100w) for 15 min. Once this is done you can apply glossy paint over the enamel.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Powder

SKU: 1033
New formula with ammonia granules that will ensure quick and effective cleaning with no problems of rust on the items. Use 5 grams with 1 litre of water.

Electroplating Connecting Cord Set

SKU: 1027
Quality set of 2 cords, made of silicon rubber with 2 alligator clips that will not corrode

Stella Pen Plater

SKU: 1028
Ideal hand-held plating pen with high density tips and airtight cap. Excellent for Rhodium, Gold and Silver plating for more precision and controlled work on specific areas. Platinum wire and side clips are SS.

Vibratory Tumbler

SKU: 1865
•Excellent for a small workshop with rubber moulded springs for added durability. •4 types of polishing media can be used - SS Media 7kg, Ceramic Media 3kg, Plastic Media 3kg and Walnut Media 2kg. •High quality fibre body with a tub size 22” x 10” (D x H) •Jewellery Capacity: 500 grams •0.12HP Motor and 0.09 Motor KW

Rhodium Plating Tips

SKU: 1635
High absorbent and high release properties. Box of 100 pcs.

Electro Cleaner

SKU: 1031
Alkaline based solution that is designed to clean items thoroughly, leaving a chemically clean surface. Hydrogen bubbles formed on the surface help perform scrubbing actions. Use with anode for optimum use.


SKU: 1342
Popularly used for setting jewels and stones. Simply heat the shellac and apply to theitem that needs to be temporarily held. Rates shown are a indication only, will vary seasonally.

Orange Shellac Flakes

SKU: 2008
•Packet of 500 gms •Extremely useful for securing odd shaped articles of jewellery when stone setting. •Shellac becomes soft with application of heat and hardens with cold water. •Release articles by dissolving in denatured alcohol.

Pen Plating Solution 30 ml

SKU: 1029
Please use yellow nib and at 12-15 voltage A) White Rhodium B) Black Ruthenium C) Rose, Green and YellowPrice may vary based on prevailing international price of rhodium and precious metals.

SS Media for Tumblers

SKU: 1177
Used to burnish metal to a bright finish. Rust-free and corrosion resistant.