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Wooden Plier Stand for 6 Pliers (12 Holes)

SKU: 907
(12 Holes) Extremely popular to place on work-bench to organise pliers and saves time from looking everywhere. Size: 6¼” x 2¾”.

Wooden Plier Stand for 3 Pliers

SKU: 907A
(6 Holes) Extremely popular to place on work-bench (only stand). Size: 3½” x 2½”

Wooden Rack for Pliers with Drawer

Holds 7 pliers, shelf for tools and storage drawer. Ideal for hobbyists, jewellers or watchmakers to place on work-bench

Wooden Ring Mandrel and Hammer Stand

SKU: 1421
Sits on the corner of your workbench and is ideal to store hammers, ring mandrels. 9 holes for ring mandrels as well as magnetic strip on the side for pliers, files, etc.

Wooden Bur, File and Plier Holder with Drawer

SKU: 2040
Brilliantly designed to hold 100 burs and rotary tools 3/32". Rack will hold pliers, top tiers will hold 20 files. Drawers for storage at bottom.

Plier Rack Wooden

SKU: 995
Size: 7½” x 3¾” x 4¾”. Upright model ideal for placing on work-bench so that pliers are well within reach. Round long bar supports pliers and nippers.

Plastic Plier Rack

SKU: 1142
Very handy for organizing pliers on work-bench. Holds up to 12 pliers. (Price only for stand, does not include pliers)