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Dual Grinder Buffer New

SKU: 1780
Anchor Brand, 1/4 HP, 2800 RPM AC, 220/230 V, 50 Cycles, Single Phase. 1 stone coarse and other stone fine grit 2 buffing wheels on either side

Grinder Hand Operated with Stone 4”

SKU: 214
With clamp base to attach to a table. Excellent for sharpening and grinding.

Polishing Cloth Ultrasoft

SKU: 342A
(STELLA) 11” x 14”, 2 cloth system for polishing and cleaning. New and improved international packaging. Packaging can be customised to incorporate your branding for a minimum order of 1,500 pcs

Marquis Polishing Rouge

SKU: 1205
Excellent compound for giving mirror shining on Silver, Gold and Platinum as well as Brass/Copper. Can be used on artificial jewellery also.