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Ring Clamp with Wedge 6” – Nylon

SKU: 371
Double ended with leather lined jaws to hold rings and objects without marring.

Ring Clamp 5½” with Wedge – Wooden

SKU: 372
For securing rings in various positions whilst being worked upon.

Ring Clamp Mini

SKU: 3021
Small version to our popular # 372. Suited for people with small hands.

Ring Clamp 6” European Style with Parallel Jaws

SKU: 878
Turn the wing nut to securely hold rings between leather jaws

Ring Vice Wooden with Fly Nut

SKU: 786
Rings are placed at end of clamp and end screw tightened to hold the ring in place. Ideal to work around ring with no obstruction

Wooden Mandrels for Rings

Place ring on hardwood mandrel for easy polishing operation. Will not mar the metal

Ring Holding Plier 8” Wooden with Spring Grip

SKU: 370
2 holding circles of 2.5cm and 3cm helps protect fingers whilst grinding and polishing inside of rings.

Wood Plier 7” to hold Rings and Beads

3 holes to use beads from 5 to 12mm and 3 grooves to hold other sizes.

Ring Setter’s Clamp

SKU: 813
Contains 9 plastic inserts, very useful to hold rings of different sizes during stone setting, polishing, engraving, etc.813.01 Cones Price: US$ 2.00/ pc 813.02 Nylon Collets Price: US$ 2.00/pc 813.03 Set of 9 Collets Price: US$ 7.50/set

Bench Pin for Ring Setters Clamp

SKU: 953
Handle of # 813 is unscrewed and placed through the centre hole beneath the steel plate and head re-installed.

Ring Gripper with Wood Handle

SKU: 3096
Excellent grip - will hold firmly all sizes of rings whitest buffing and polishing.