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Ring Expanding Machine

SKU: 291
•Premium quality with satin finish, both reduces and enlarges rings. •Spleen mandrel is with 6 collets laser marked and satin finished. •Reversible base plate with 10 smooth holes allows for reducing plain bands by compression. •Not for use with stone set rings.291 European Standard Size 1-33 725 US Standard Size 1-15

Ring Enlarger / Reducer

SKU: 2046
Heavy-duty cast iron base with 6 special spleen collets to enlarge rings and a polished quality reducing plate. European quality comparable.2046 European Standard Size 1-36 2047 US Standard Size 1-15

Ring Expander cum Bender

SKU: 1078
Combination tool makes stretching wedding ring bands easy. For Gold, Silver and Platinum bands. 4 spleen mandrel.

Double Headed Ring Expander

SKU: 1047
2 cones and 1 reducer; ring will expand to a maximum of 5mm. (A) 1-15 (B) 1-36

Bracelet Enlarger

SKU: 1010
Dual purpose of enlarging round bracelets up to 3” in diameter and for repairing bracelets and bangles that have gone out of shape. Round bracelets will be enlarged up to 5mm.

Bangle Flattening / Planishing Hammer

SKU: 1843
Ideal for both the hobby and professional jeweller to flatten bangles and other forms of sheet metals. Plates are 4” in diameter and hardened steel.

Anchor Ring Stretcher with Round Base

SKU: 814
Enlarges ring effortlessly on simple down stroke motion of the lever by applying uniform distributed pressure. Pillar type mandrel with narrow diameter on top easily allows any size of ring.

Wonder Ring Stretcher Rathbun Style, Small

SKU: 494
Enlarges both gents and ladies rings. Simply place the rings on grooves and tap the mandrel to enlarge to required size.

Hand Operated Ring Stretcher in Wooden Box

SKU: 961
Re-size tight jewellery rings by placing ring on mandrel cone and turn top handle. Fits men and women rings of size # 2 to 14. Mandrel has engraved size markings.

Ring Bender Euro Pro Superior

SKU: 1803
Versatile tool that outperforms all other bending tools. Comes with one bending bracket and 7 pieces, 2 part bending dies.

Ring Bender European Style

SKU: 1490
Made of cast iron, will bend flat, oval, half- round blanks up to 4mm in thickness. 2 sets of ring bending dies and an attached stepped mandrel.

Wonder Ring Stretcher with 17 Dies

Stretches the metal shank of stone set rings and wedding bands. 8 half-round; 8 v-shape and 1 plain die.

Finger Ring Cutter

SKU: 994
(Chrome Handle) Uniquely designed with safety lever between finger and rings. Large thumb screw operates the cutting blade.994.01 Spare Cutting Blade @ US$ 3.00/pc

Emergency Ring Cutter Superior with Extra Blade

SKU: 994A
Safety lever that protects the finger from the cutting blade. Twist thumb screw allows the sharp blade to cut the ring; European Design. Can be attached to a power tool using a simple attachment. Cuts gold, silver, titanium and stainless steel.994A.01 Extra Blade @ US$ 4.00/pc