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Mini Rolling Mills

•Supplied with high quality SS gears and wheels. •Rolls of size 3” x 1⅝” (75mm x 43mm). •Mill is economical but offers excellent quality. •Rollers are tempered and hardened steel polished to mirror shine. •Capacity Sheet: Max 5 SWG gauge to 26 SWG gauge (3.75mm - 0.45mm). •Capacity Wire: 5 SWG gauge to 20 SWG gauge (0.90mm to 5.40mm). •15 Grooves: 8 Half Round Grooves 0.80 to 3.40mm 7 V Grooves 0.80 to 3.40mm

European Style Rolling Mill for Wire/Sheet

SKU: 885
Roll size: 120mm x 65mm Total Grooves: 14 Width of sheet roller: 60mm Width of wire roller: 60mm Size of square wire: 1mm to 6mm Side rollers: 1.20 x 3.60mm half round Capacity: 3 SWG to 19 SWG Max opening: 8mm

Corrugated Rolling Mill

SKU: 1798
•Corrugate your die formed pieces or sheet metal upto 24 gauge using this excellent tool. •Rollers are 8” x ¾” and height 5” •Can be bench mounted.

ULTIMA Euro Pro Series Rolling Mill

•Size: 290mm x 210mm x 270mm (including handle) •Roller size: 43 x 75 mm • Hardness: 55 • HRC Reduction gear: 4:1 •Plain capacity: Max 3.75mm and Min 0.45mm •Wire capacity: Max 5mm and Min 0.75mm

Rolling Mill New for Wire/Sheet

SKU: 1398
Total roll size: 100mm x 50mm (65mm plain; 35mm groove) 9 grooves Capacity: 8 SWG to 16 SWG Max opening: 6mm Side roller size: 25mm (w) x 50mm (dia) 6 rollers: Plain, Half Round, Cross Checks, Flat Checks, Dull and Lining

Strip Machine

SKU: 1923
•Strips accurately for making tubes from metal or a gold sheet. •These strips can easily be cut in different sizes as per dies. •The blades of these machines are made of alloy steel which helps to enhance durability of the machine. •Two side cutting. •0.15 mm (36 SWG) thickness to 0.50mm (26 SWG) thickness can be cut.