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Turntable Solder Stand Round

SKU: 3098
Turntable Solder Stand Round 6" With double third-hand grips, tungsten alligator clip and tweezer attachment. Cordiorite has heat resistance of 1250°C.

Cordiorite Soldering Board

SKU: 1168
6” x 6” (Asbestos Free) Feet keep board raised over bench and will withstand high temperatures.

Solder Board Ceramic White

SKU: 2060
Ceramic fibre board will withstand temperature upto 2280° F.

Supabloc Solder Brick

SKU: 2010
Light-weight due to porous alumina structure. Direct heat absorb, better quality than asbestos and charcoal.

Firebrick Solder Block

SKU: 2011
Heavier due to strong ceramic structure. Direct heat absorb makes it long lasting.

Rotating Solder Stand to hold Circular Blocks

SKU: 1722
Swivel stand to hold 5” soldering block. Work can be turned to required direction whilst soldering.

Magnetic Torch Holder

SKU: 1432
Versatile magnetic third hand holder keeps torch nearby on your bench. 7 holes for extra tip storage.

Soldering Torch Stand

SKU: 1102
With 6 grooves to hold nozzles securely. Heavy duty cast base and holding rod will hold torch with perfect angle.

Third Hand Soldering Board

SKU: 707
6” x 6” Grey transite board for high heat tolerance with 2 third hands for hands free work as they hold parts while you solder them.

Heating Torch 3485

SKU: 1108
Using a single valve handle this professional tool ensures safety and quality of flame using LPG gas. Well designed KNOB ensures safe and precise setting of flames.

Brass Burners

SKU: 1107
Designed to fit heating torch for soldering on soft metals like Gold and Silver

Welding and Brazing Blowpipe Model ‘O’.

SKU: 1016
Nicely balanced blowpipe ideally suited for fine welding, brazing as well as fusion welding of thin sheets of zinc or aluminium 1.5mm thick. Can also be used for delicate lead welding. Specifications: • Capacity: Thin sheet metal up to 1.50mm • Inlet: Oxygen ¼” B.S.P. Rh and Acetylene ¼” B.S.P. Lh • Length: 23.5cm without tip • Hose: 5mm Bore Hose (Blue-oxygen and Red-acetylene) Fitted with A.S.S. Filter that keeps injector clean from foreign articles and the injector capability makes it suitable for use with hydrogen fuel gas for the electronic industry.