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Tweezer Set of 6 Black Epoxy Coated in a Plastic Pouch

SKU: 1499
6 popular tweezer styles; Nos. 5, 00, 2A, 7A, SS and 3C. Anti-magnetic for all kinds of minute work on small parts.

Tweezer Steel Set of 4 in a Wooden Box

SKU: 1424
Japanese style sharp points; Nos. AA, MM, NN, 3 and 5.

Tweezer Steel Set of 7 in a Wooden Box

SKU: 1425
Organises and protects tweezers on work-bench. Nos. 00, 2A, 3C, 5, 5A, 6 and 7.

Stella High Quality Tweezer Set of 8 in Yellow Pouch

SKU: 1201
European quality with smooth well finished tips. Nos.: 3C, 7, 3, MM, AA, 1, 5 and SS

Tweezer Set of 5, Stainless Steel in Plastic Pouch

SKU: 465
Most popular SS and nonmagnetic tweezers organised in a handy pouch. Nos. AA, MM, NN, 3 and 5

Titanium Tweezer Set of 3 in a Plastic Pouch

SKU: 1485
Nos. AA, 1 and 5 Light-weight, anti-rust, heat resistant an non-magnetic.

Jewellers Tweezers Set of 4 in Plastic Pouch

SKU: 1430
Contains: 2 Regular Diamond Tweezers, 1 Locking Tweezer and 1 Titanium Tweezer.

Solder Tweezer Set of 4 in Plastic Pouch

SKU: 1484
Contains: Cross Lock without Fibre, Cross Lock with Fibre, 7” Straight Utility Tweezer and 7” Copper Tong Straight Tweezer. For all your soldering and picking tasks on work-bench. Plastic pouch organises tweezers.

Solder Tweezer Set of 8 in a Pouch

SKU: 1998
Handy range of fibre grip tweezers for a wide variety of “holding” jobs.

Multipurpose Tweezers Set of 5

SKU: 1022
Stainless steel tweezers that offers you a wide variety of clasping and gripping jobs. Contains: 4½” Sharp Point, 4¾” Flat Point, 6” Blunt Point, 6” Bent and 6½” Cross Lock.

Work Holding Tweezers Set of 3 with Fibre Grips

SKU: 1612
Holds a variety of round and square shapes. Packed in a plastic pouch.

Hobby Tweezer Set of 3

SKU: 3041
Stainless steel construction; great for holding small parts.

Solder Tweezer Set of 4

SKU: 3054
1 each of 90° Bent, Straight, Curved and Wire Holding.

Wood Tweezer Stand to Hold 8 Tweezers

SKU: 1201-A
Keep your tweezers within easy reach and organised with this great tweezers stand. Uses very little bench space. Size: 6" x 3" x 6" (W x D x H). Holding slot measures approx 3.5 x 11mm.

Round Tweezer Organiser with 12 Holes

SKU: 2005
Simply useful to organize tweezers, files, etc; on work bench.

Square Base Stand for Tools

SKU: 2006
Excellent work bench organiser for tweezer files and scriber tools. Two sets of 8 holes each.