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Bench Vice Superior with Jaws and Fixing Plate

SKU: 1991
Bench Vice Superior with 2” Jaws and Fixing Plate Quality construction for precision work. Vice can be removed and adjusted with a lever.

Wood Bench Pin “T” Type

SKU: 1314
Workable area 6”; vertical shaft fits onto a bench vice

Revolving 2” Bench Vice with Clamp

Drop forge and conveniently revolves and locks securely when work is positioned. Clamps onto bench vice.

High Quality Deluxe Vice for Watchmakers, 50mm Jaws

SKU: 876
Swivel base to be attached to table, tempered jaws are absolutely parallel to each other, square anvil, moves on a cylindrical neck.

Table Vice 2-in-1 (83mm) Wide Grip

SKU: 3095
Can be bolted into work bench or can be used as a "C" clamp. Max opening: 60mm. 360° swivel with locking level and anvil square. Powder coated cast iron.

Hand Vice for Jewellers

Forged steel and spring loaded; tightened by a large wing nut. Vice can either be gripped by one hand or between jaws of a larger vice. Serrated jaws for secure grip.

Hand Vice with Wood Handle

SKU: 830
A light vice mounted on wooden handle. Jaws are tempered heavy duty. 1¼” wide with an opening of 1”. Total length 6¼”.

Precision Handvice Brass with Wood Handle

SKU: 2009
Excellent secure vice for engineer hobby tool craft industries.

Hand Vice with Wooden Handle

SKU: 1235
Hardened heads with a very good wooden grip. The perfect vice for holding tools. Swivel the wood handle to open/close the jaws.

Steel Hand Vice Hollow

SKU: 418
Jaw opening: 3mm; Length: 130mm Knurled handles are hollow, allowing thin wire/tubes and rods to be gripped.

High Quality Hand Vice with Wood Handle

SKU: 1554
Jaw opening: 5mm ½” jaw also has a centre hole to accept long pins and wires.

Miniature Brass Hand Vice

SKU: 1017
(5½” Long) Ideal for firm clamping on the smallest size parts, whether flat or round. Has “V” grooves on both sides to hold product securely.

Soft Jaws Set of 2

SKU: 1413
Leather jaws to be clamped on the jaws of vice. Provides excellent grip without damaging soft and polished surfaces.

Miter Cutting Vice Jig

SKU: 1909
Size: 3" x 3¾" This is a great tool to create a 90°, 60° or a 45° angle on a piece of metal. It is perfect for filing small pieces of metal, flat and to create flat ends on wire and tubing. It can also be employed as vise to hold your metal, tubing and wire for filing, sawing or sanding.