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“AIR” Magnifier Ultra Clean Lense

SKU: 2035
(3.5x/5x Magnification) UV free 5600K - 6000K. True white daylight LED with wide viewing area.

Box Plastic with 18 Compartments and Transparent Top

SKU: 25
Compartment size: 19 x 10 x 2 cm Dividers keep tools in place and transparent top allows a clear view of contents.

Boxes Aluminium Rectangular with Glass Top and Aluminium Tins

Excellent for stones, beads, watch parts and findings. Handy way to transport all your repair parts and tools in an organised manner

Boxes Wooden with Round, Glass Top Aluminium Tins

SKU: 21
Beautifully finished wood storage boxes allows easy carrying of beads, stones, watch parts and pearls. Useful as an attractive presentation case. 36 Boxes of Size: 22 x 16 mm No. 1

Cabinet Wooden for Storage

Traditional way of storing watch parts. Glass top tins are easy to view and excellent for watch repairer to store and organise expensive parts. Individually labelled.

Case Closing Looping Plier

Hand held plier to press watch back and crystals into place. Rubber jaws are perfectly aligned to ensure maximum efficiency.

Case Opener Knife Swiss Style (PVC Grip)

SKU: 700
Case Opener Knife Swiss Style 4½” With PVC Grip (Small)

Cutting Broach Handle Only

SKU: 2105
Designed to suit our # 005. For mini reamers # 0; Range upto 1mm. Reamers need to be bought separately

Dust Cover Plastic with 2 Work Plates

Provided with 2 plates; one plain and the other with divisions. Keeps watch parts clean.

Glass Fitting Machine with 28 Threaded Aluminium Dies

Sturdy press with 14 double sided dies for closing snap back watch cases and inserting mineral glasses.

Holder for Movement

SKU: 237
Plastic, 6¾” - 8”, suitable for movement 69-69/21 M-2030

Link Remover Plastic Blue

SKU: 1195
1195.01 Spare Pins Wt: 1 gm/pc Price: US$ 0.35/pc

Mainsprings for Watches

SKU: 1545
Mainsprings for Watches (Unbreakable) Assorted packet of 50 for Ebauches, EBOSA, FHF, ETA, ROAMER, ORIS, etc.

Peg Wood

(150mm long) • 24 sticks in a bundle • Fine quality orange wood • Useful to clean pivot holes. Weight: 25 gms/bundle

Plastic Revolving Containers with Transparent Top

Plastic Revolving Containers with Transparent Top (Empty) To hold small parts. Opens only one compartment at a time, parts will not fall out or mix.

Plier 5” for Watch Strap Notching

Used in Gucci style watch bands where the lugs are in the middle band.

Pocket Type Case Openers with Square Jaws

Max opening: 50mm; Use thumb screw to adjust the diameter required.

Roller Remover

SKU: 368
Slot slips between hub of shaft and seat of roller for easy lifting.

Round Aluminium Tins with Glass Top

Easily see and identify your products through glass tops. Ideal economy storage tins for beads, stones and watch parts. Standard packing of 12 pieces in a cardboard carton.

Rubber Pad for Watch Repairer

Size: 8” x 11½” Grooved work pad is a great way to keep tools organised on work bench and prevent rolling off.

Rubber Washers (Packet of 100 pcs)

SKU: 610
Rubber Washers (Packet of 100 pcs) They form a water-tight seal at the joints where the crystal, case back and crown meet. Rubber Washers (Gaskets) Round; Size: 14 to 30mm

Screw Driver Set of 9 (French Type) on Revolving Stand

With spare blades of sizes (mm): 0.60, 0.80, 1, 1.20, 1.40, 1.60, 2, 2.50 and 3.

Side Bar and Strap Selector Gauge

Allows you to measure the size of spring bar without removing the strap. Simply place the spring bar gauge over where the spring bar attaches to the watch and match it.

Spring Bar Tool 5” – Nickelled

Good quality product designed to last. Tips can be easily screwed onto both ends.