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Case Opening Tool System (STELLA)

SKU: 1522
Maximum capacity: Ø 25mm 8-in-1 multipurpose; spring operated and reversible. Will hold a wide range of movements upto 13 ligne

Rolex Opener 6 Dies (Stand Type)

SKU: 1139
Die Sizes (mm): 18.50, 20.20, 22.50, 26.50, 28.30, 29.50. To open oyster style watches. Watch gets locked into position so that it reduces the chances of scratching.

Swiss Style Case Opener

SKU: 1381
Use this professional tool to open water-proof cases upto 60mm. No chance of scratching with its unique design and can be secured on a work bench. Supplied with 4 pairs of case holding jigs and 6 sets of jaxa type bits.

Case Opener for Rolex (Genuine Watches)

SKU: 697
Oyster type watches with 6 dies. Sizes (mm): 29.50, 28.30, 26.50, 22.50, 20.20 and 18.50.

Rolex Opener with 8 Dies in a Wood Box

SKU: 1864
Sizes (mm): 18.50, 20.20, 22.50, 26.50, 28.30, 29.50, 36.50, 42.00.

Rolex Opener New to open all kinds of Rolex Watches

SKU: 1129
With 2 holders and 3 dies reverse use. Sizes: 20.5/26.5, 28.5/29.5, 18.5/20.0 mm

Baume & Mercier Case Opening Tool with 3 Serrated Dies

SKU: 1455
Die sizes: 21, 26 and 29 mm. For opening and closing Baume & Mercier screw-back cases.

SNAP Back Opener

SKU: 1095
To pry open the watch case simply align the blade into the watch case gently, apply pressure and the SNAP tool does the rest.1095.01 Blade Only Price: US$ 1.00/pc

Water-Proof Watch Case Openers

SKU: 470
V Type Nickelled with Two Knobs. Unique design with adjustable jaws for opening screw-back watches.

Water-Proof Watch Case Openers

SKU: 477
Suction Type with Wood Handle Uses suction to open a threaded back without damaging the surface.

Water-Proof Watch Case Openers

SKU: 478
Butterfly Type with Centre Screw. Adjustable metal pin will slide to open many screw-on watch case backs. Popularly used in Bulova watches. Maximum opening: 50mm.

Water-Proof Watch Case Opener (Jaxa Type)

34mm capacity; opens all screw-on type watch cases. 4 types of keys: round, flat, square & curved.

Plastic Ball Opening Watch Backs

SKU: 1346
Open screw type watch backs without the danger of damaging or scratching the cases.

Jumbo Jaxa Case Opener “XL” in Blue and White Box

SKU: 1327
Will open from 19mm - 60mm large watch backs. 4 types of keys: round, flat, square and curved. Millimetre scale included.1327.01 Extra Keys @ US$ 1.50/set

Watch Case Opener Snap Type Push-Back

SKU: 1092
With a new modified handle for comfortable grip. Hardened blade for removing snap-on watch case backs.

Snap Opener Set of 4

SKU: 1818
For opening push back type of watches. Hardened blades securely held on plastic moulded handles to open almost all kinds of backs with ease.

Pocket Type Case Openers with Square Jaws

Max opening: 50mm; Use thumb screw to adjust the diameter required.

Japanese Style Watch Case Opener V Shape

SKU: 1493
Ingenious tool for opening and closing all types of screw-backs. Cast iron handle offers excellent grip. Claws can be adjusted to suit different sizes

Case Opener Knife Swiss Style (PVC Grip)

SKU: 700
Case Opener Knife Swiss Style 4½” With PVC Grip (Small)

Case and Back Opener Knife

SKU: 1187
With comfortable plastic blade is tempered tool steel and slightly bevelled for removing stubborn backs. Useful for “Swatch” watches.

Case Opener Knife 5½” with Riveted Wooden Handle

SKU: 986
For snap-on watch backs. Can be used by left-handed and right-handed people

Simple Case Opener for GUCCI Type Watches

SKU: 1079
Insert the hook into the notch of the case back and pop it open.

Case Opener Hardened Grooved Head with Plastic Handle

SKU: 1189
Allows opening of all types of snap-backs, quartz back opener.

Modified Case Opener

SKU: 472A
Flat end to open snap-backs. Adjustable dual tip, round for screw-backs and tapered end used as a case knife.

Screw Driver for Opening Quartz Backs

SKU: 1268
Overall length 3¾”; Aluminium handle 6cm. Designed so that it fits into small grooves of watch case. Gentle tapping will lift the case.

Swiss Style Watch Case Opener with Wood Handle

SKU: 1936
A unique design has a notched jaw to open all snap backs and a nylon roller to ensure that there is no scratches on the surface after the watch.

Watch Case Opener Knife with Comfort Grip

SKU: 1997
Large diameter aluminium handle makes it safe and easier to use. Hardened extra blade and allen key provided.1997.01 Extra blade @ US$ 1.50/pc