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Hand Pressers

SKU: 924
Simple Hands Presser with Fibre Glass Tips

Hands Presser Set of 9

SKU: 687
6 tips of size: 0.30, 0.50, 0.70, 1.15 1.50 and 1.70mm; 1 cone shaped tip and 1 nylon tip. All tips fit securely on a round base.

Hand Presser with 3 Posts

SKU: 1003
A very useful tool for watch units in assembling of watches. It has 3 posts of 1.50mm for hour hand, 1mm for minute hand and 0.60mm for the sweep second hand. It rotates and makes assembling fast and economical.

Hands Presser Set of 4

SKU: 2074
Ends made from Delrin. Sizes (mm): 0.5 x 1.00; 1.5 x 2.00; 0.8 x 3.50 (no hole); 0.60 x 1.10

Hand Pressers

SKU: 690
Hand Presser Reversible for Gents and Ladies

Hands Setting Tool Set of 3 in a Pouch

SKU: 1497
Brass body with nylon tips, ideal for inserting into watch hands without scratching dials. 2 different holes per tool.

Hands Insert Tool Set of 3

SKU: 1670
Length: 5” Lightweight aluminium knurled handles with Delrin tips to protect the watch dial from scratching whilst fitting hands. Grey: 0.50 and 1.00mm Red : 0.80 and 3.50mm flat Blue : 1.50 and 2.00mm