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Watch Tester Grey Small (New Model) 4-in-1

SKU: 1000
A compact Quartz tester. It is a unique tool with 5 functions and works on pencil cell. Supplied with instruction leaflet and probes. A) Quartz Analogue Tester with audio pulses B) Works as a gear freeing demagnetiser C) Button Cell Tester D) Crystal Tester E) ECB Tester

Digital Quartz Multimeter

SKU: 1466-1
To measure AC and DC Voltage, check resistance and button cells.

Digital Battery Tester for Button and Pencil Cells

SKU: 2106
For 1.5v, 3v, 9v (Type D, AA & AAA). Provided with EP plug / probe set and power cable

Cell Tester

SKU: 52
It can check button cells, AA cells and medium cells. It is possible to use the prods to give output of 1.5 from the tester to the watch.

Compact Watch Demagnetiser 110V

SKU: 128A
With American plug. Must for every workbench for use on watch hands, screwdrivers, tweezers and small watch parts that need to be non-magnetic.

Demagnetising Appliance

SKU: 128
Anchor Brand, AC 220V, 50 cycles. For removing magnetic charge from small tools and parts.

Mini Continuity Tester

SKU: 1649
Multipurpose and handy tool to determine the continuity of a circuit, diode, electronic components like consumer applications, wrist watches, etc. Excellent tool for the horology repairer. Probe holder made from high density polythene and pins made from brass.

Cell Testing Tweezer 1.5V to 3V

SKU: 1182
Simple tester enabling you to check both 1.5V an 3V batteries with one tool. Length: 4⅝”.

Stella Cell Tester 1.5 and 3V

SKU: 1754
Lithium button or coin battery tester. ABS body with nickel plated pins to prevent corrosion and rust.