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Mainsprings for Watches

SKU: 1545
Mainsprings for Watches (Unbreakable) Assorted packet of 50 for Ebauches, EBOSA, FHF, ETA, ROAMER, ORIS, etc.

Battery Clasps for Quartz Watches

SKU: 1229
Battery Clasps for Quartz Watches (Packet of 10) (Assortment will vary)

Bobbins (Coils) Imitation

SKU: 599E
M-2035 Weight: 2 gms/pc Price: US$ 0.35/pcOrient 7510 Weight: 1 gm/pc Price: US$ 0.75/pc

Protective Vinyl Sheets

SKU: 1739
Diameter: 60mm; packet of 10 pcs. Prevents damage to surface of dials and case backs.

Cubic CZ Stones for Watches

SKU: 2029
Assortment of 540 stones in a box. 30 pieces each of sizes PP4 to PP21.

Keyless Stems

SKU: 605
Keyless Stems (Packet of 100 Pcs) By Calibres for all Swiss, Japanese and Russian Mechanical Watches. (About 250 Calibres Available). Need to specify calibre name when ordering

Winding Stem Cutter STELLA PRO in Wood Box

SKU: 1656
A must for all assembling and manufacturing units to cut winding stems to any required size with a flush cut.

Pipes for Watch Cases

SKU: 609
Tap 70-90-120; assorted packet of 100 pcs.

Mainsprings for Watches

SKU: 1545A
By Calibre Nos (Min. 100 pcs per calibre)

Watch Hands Plain M-2035

SKU: 850
Watch Hands Plain M-2035 (Hour, Minute and Second) Packet of 300 pcs.

Watch Centre Second Hands

SKU: 1223
Assorted packet of 100 pcs. For popular watches like Seiko, VX, FE and Ronda.

Buttons Crowns Waterproof for Quartz Watches

SKU: 599D
Packet of 100 pcs. Assorted white and yellow for all Swiss and Japanese Watches.

Buttons Crowns Waterproof – Chrome/Yellow (26/90)

SKU: 599C
Assortment of Short, Medium and Long Pipe. Packet of 100 pcs.

Assorted Watch Parts for Mechanical / Automatic Watches

SKU: 1380
Box contains thousands of used watch parts like wheels, stems, barrels, plates, bridges, dials, etc. Also used in art craft and jewellery making.