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Stella Professional Tool Kit

SKU: 1515
Customised, high quality tools for watch makers to repair high-end watches Contains: •Air Blower •Bar Tool •Bracelet Holder •Case Knife •Casing Cushion Large •Deluxe Spring •Empty Box •Eye Glass Double - Plastic •Felt Buff Stick •Hands Presser (Set of 3) •Hands Remover Pair •Link Remover •Movement Holder •Oil Pins (Set of 3) •Oil Stone •Pin Pusher •Pin Vice •Pocket Case Opener Large •Polishing Cloth •Presto Hands Remover •Quartz Oil •Rodico •Scratch Brush •Screw Driver (Set of 3) •Tweezer - Plastic •Tweezers (Set of 3) •Wooden Loupe •Wrist Watch Reamer

Tool Kit for Watchmakers

SKU: 468
(BASIC) Contains: •Air Pump •Bonfix •Clock Screw Drivers (Set of 2) •Emery Stone •Eye Glass •Nylon Brush •Oil Cup •Peg Wood •Pliers (Set of 2) •Punches •Riveting Stake •Screw Drivers (Set of 9) •Tweezers (Set of 3) •Watch Oil

Tool Kit for Watch Maker in Wooden Box

SKU: 469A
(PROFESSIONAL) Contains: •Air Pump •Bonfix •Case Opener Knife •Chamois Leather •Clockmaker Screw Drivers (Set of 2) •Dial Brushes •Emery Stone •Eye Glass •Glass Remover •Hammer •Hands Remover •Hole Punching Plier •Jaxa Opener •Movement Holders (4 types) •Oil Cup •Peg Wood •Petrol Pot •Pin Tong •Quartz Movement Holder •Screw Drivers (Set of 9) •Set of Files •Siliconised Cloth •Sorting Tray •Spring Bar Tools •Strap Cutting Plier •Tweezers (Set of 3)

Professional Tool Kit for Watchmaker in Leather Case

SKU: 985
Contains: •Bracelet Holder •Brass Tweezer •Buff Stick •Case Opener Jaxa •Case Opener Knife Wood Handle •Casing Cushion •Eye Glass Plastic •Hammer Ball Pein 1oz •Hands Presser •Hands Remover Presto •Nylon Tips •Pin Punch 0.80mm and 1.00mm •Pin Pusher with Wooden Handle •Pin Tong 4 Mouth •Plastic Tweezer •Plier SS Flat Nose •Scratch Brush •Screw Driver (Set of 3) •Silicon Grease •Siliconised Cloth •Spring Bar Tool Black •Spring Bars Steel (Assorted) •Stella Antimagnetic Tweezers (Set of 2)

Tool Kit (Anchor) for Watch Battery Changing in Plastic Pouch

SKU: 481
Contains: •Case Opener for Snap Off Backs •Case Opener for Threaded Backs •Case Opener Knife •Dial Cleaning Brush •Plier Stainless Steel •Screw Driver •Tweezer Brass

Professional Tool Kit for Battery Checking & Changing

SKU: 481A
Contains: •Cell Tester •Pocket Case Opener •Screw Drivers 2 nos: 4 and 5 •Snap Opener Knife •Spring Bar Tool All tools packed in a leather case

Stella Battery Changing and Bracelet Sizing Kit

SKU: 1479
Contains: •Jaxa Case Opener •Knife Snap Case Opener •Link Removing Plier •Magnifier •lastic Tweezer •Screw Drivers (2 nos) •Spring Bar Tool •Steel Tweezer

Watch Repair Kit for XL Jumbo Watches

SKU: 1599
Contains: •Case Holder Crab •Eye Loupe •Jaxa Case Opener •Screw Driver Flat Head •Spring Bar Tool Nickelled •Tweezer #5 •Zippered Case

Watch Maker Tray

SKU: 1965
6 compartments to organise tools on work bench. Made from MDF; Colour may vary.

Watch Tool Kit Eco Set of 11 in Plastic Blister Pack

SKU: 3106
Contains: •Watch Band Holder •Eye Glass 5X •Case Opener •Spring Bar Remover •Link Pin Remover with Blades •Watch Plier •Pin Punch Set of 3 with Blades •Hammer •Case Opener Knife •Screw Drivers 3pcs •Tweezers

Watch Tool Set of 10 in a Plastic Box

SKU: 1764
Contains: •Case Opener Knife for •Screw Drivers (3 nos) 1.00, 1.20 Snap Back Case. and 1.60mm with extra blades •Case Opener Pocket Type •Spring Bar Box of Assorted 100 Pcs •Plastic Eye Glass 3½x (7mm to 24mm) •Plastic Tweezer •Steel Tweezer Stella AA

Watch Tool Kit for Strap Changing

SKU: 1773
Contains: •Case Opener Knife •Hole Punching Plier •Leather Straps in Black, Brown and Tan Colour; Size: 20, 22 and 24mm •Link Remover for Jumbo Watches •Link Remover Set of 3 of Sizes 0.60, 0.80 and 1.00mm •Micro Fibre Polishing Cloth •Red Plastic Mini Hammer •Screw Driver Set of 7; Reversible Blades •Side Bar and Strap Selector Plastic •Split Pins (180 Pcs); 5mm to 22mm •Spring Bar Tool Black •Spring Bars Assorted - 21mm to 32mm •Steel and Gold Buckles (Assortment of 10 pcs each of size 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16mm) •Strap Notching Plier •Wooden Bracelet Holder Large

Tool Kit in Pouch

SKU: 469
Contains: Clock Screw Driver, Pin Vice, 2 Pliers, 3 Screw Drivers, Rivet Stake and Tweezer.

Battery Changing Kit

SKU: 1237
All tools used for effective battery changing process packed in a soft leather pouch.