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Clasp Adjusting Tool for Rolex Bracelets Set of 2

SKU: 3009
Tools allows you to fix the clasp where the button does not lock and catch.

Glass Remover with Plate (Anchor Brand)

SKU: 205
Jaws open 12mm to 36mm. Makes removing of unbreakable watch glasses, safe and easy. Useful for both ladies and gents model. Supplied with a base plate.

Glass Remover for Mineral Watch Crystals

SKU: 3066
5 sizes watch case fittings. Includes key for removing half stem with crown.

Pump for Dust Removing with Valve (Anchor Brand)

SKU: 322
Brass nozzle provides nice air velocity to work on delicate parts. Soft rubber bulb with one way air valve.

Air Blower with Teflon Nozzle

SKU: 1385
Smaller size with the added advantage that the nozzle will not scratch or damage parts.

Screws for Mechanical and Quartz Watches

SKU: 1226
Assortment of 250 pcs. Micro mini screws of mixed diameters from 0.50 to 1.00mm

Magnetic Screw Pad 12” x 12”

SKU: 1842
Eliminates rolling of small parts, screws and tools; non-reflective.

Plier 5” for Watch Strap Notching

Used in Gucci style watch bands where the lugs are in the middle band.

Hole Punch Tool for Watch Strap

SKU: 1602
Acrylic base; with 2 collets for hole diameter 1.5mm and 2mm.

Plier SS for Bending Spring Bars

SKU: 873
Uniquely designed tool to curve straight spring bars by squeezing them between jaws.

Balance Tack

SKU: 1158
Excellent tool that will hold the balance wheel whilst you repair the watch.

Hair Spring Holder

SKU: 1091
Satin finish with glass top; 35mm diameter. Great for holding small hairsprings whilst you repair the watch.

Cutting Broach Handle Only

SKU: 2105
Designed to suit our # 005. For mini reamers # 0; Range upto 1mm. Reamers need to be bought separately

Dust Cover 4” with 1 Tray

SKU: 119
Essential to watch repairer to keep his parts dust free after cleaning or repair work in progress. Division tray keeps the parts compartment marked.

Dust Cover Plastic with 2 Work Plates

Provided with 2 plates; one plain and the other with divisions. Keeps watch parts clean.

Roller Remover

SKU: 368
Slot slips between hub of shaft and seat of roller for easy lifting.

Watch Crown Winder

SKU: 498
Easy tool for holding buttons without wear and tear of fingers. Small: Ø 4mm; Large: Ø 5mm

“AIR” Magnifier Ultra Clean Lense

SKU: 2035
(3.5x/5x Magnification) UV free 5600K - 6000K. True white daylight LED with wide viewing area.

Portable Digital LCD Microscope Real

SKU: 3064
10X upto 600X Excellent for watch and jewellery repair. 4.3" LCD / 3.6 MP high expansion.

Bracelet Cutter

SKU: 49
Also effectively cuts solder sheets and non-precious metals. Features a round cutting blade and 90 degree cutting head. Perfect for jewellers, watchmakers and hobby craftsmen.

Open Ended Watch Strap Clicks Pack of 2

SKU: 1817
Use these plastic clicks to securely glue the open ended watch strap as shown in the picture

Bench Filing Block Brass

SKU: 671
Hexagonal shaped tool that can be locked onto a bench vice. 6 round slots of various sizes to reduce the ends of bracelets.

Soldering Iron

SKU: 419
10 Watt; 50 Cycles; 220/230 V For electronic and Quartz watches. New improved handle has comfortable grip and will stay cool. Tip is fine pointed for better handling and control.

Watch Repair Pad

SKU: 2085
• Size: 15” x 20” • Non-slip rubber mat offers excellent grip. • Printed with 40cm ruler.

Green Mat for Watchmaker

SKU: 1870
•Size: 9.25” x 13.625” •Made from high grade silicone. •Must for every watchmaker and specifically made so that small parts and screws don’t jump off whilst repairing.

Rubber Pad for Watch Repairer

Size: 8” x 11½” Grooved work pad is a great way to keep tools organised on work bench and prevent rolling off.

Pouch for Jewellery and Precious Stones

SKU: 1749
Made from imitation leather; available in Black/Brown (Can also be made in velvet)

Watch Assembly Rubber Finger Cap

SKU: 497
(Packet of 100 pcs) Made from soft latex that will protect the watch movement from stains and protect fingers from cuts and abrasions.

Pith Wood Button

SKU: 1273
(Packet of 10) Excellent to absorb rust from fragile items that need to be cleaned. Watch repairers popularly use it to clean oil pins, screw drivers and tips of tweezers.

Pith Wood

SKU: 348
For cleaning pinions, tweezers and oil pins.

Peg Wood

(150mm long) • 24 sticks in a bundle • Fine quality orange wood • Useful to clean pivot holes. Weight: 25 gms/bundle