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‘Sold’ Plugs in 2 Colours

SKU: 910
Once you sell your rings, place this plug on the tray or show case displays. Aesthetically keeps them from looking empty. A) Black/Golden (Packet of 100) B) Ivory/Golden (Packet of 100)

‘STELLA-EURO’ Hands Presser

SKU: 1463
Spring loaded with 6 stakes of size: 1.6, 1.5, 1.2, 0.9, 0.7, 0.5 mm and 1 flat stake, making hands setting easy. Does not distort mounting hole and avoids scratching dial.1463.01 Extra Collets @ US$ 3.00/set

“AIR” Handhold Magnifier

SKU: 3073
3x/5x magnification lenses. USB Type "C" charging slot with 5 hours usage in 1 charge of 45 minutes. 16 pcs daylight ring feather touch.

“AIR” Magnifier Ultra Clean Lense

SKU: 2035
(3.5x/5x Magnification) UV free 5600K - 6000K. True white daylight LED with wide viewing area.

“HIT“ Bolt Cutters

SKU: 1260
Angled hardened blades offer excellent cutting on gold and mild steel wires


SKU: 122W
All Diamond Tools can be supplied with a Wooden Box

2 Sided Nylon Hammer with Replaceable Heads

SKU: 1555
Safely use it on metals without marring or scratching the surface on use.1555.01 Replaceable Nylon Head Wt: 10 gms/pc Price: US$ 0.40/pc

21mm Euro Pro Eye Loupes 10x

SKU: 1915
European triplet lense with a light weight aluminium case.

21mm Triplet Lense Tripod with Round Legs

SKU: 1217
Belgium quality. Lense is triplet and first time from India. Packed in a leather pouch

3 Way Job Envelopes

SKU: 1068
(Box of 500) Made from high quality 120gsm paper. 3 part system has one receipt for your records and one for your customers.

3-in-1 Bangle Expander, Ring Reducer and Bender

SKU: 1945
6 collets for bangle expanding: 45x50, 50x55, 55x60, 60x65, 65 x70 and 70x75 mm. Collets will open to a max. capacity of 5mm.

3-in-1 Wire Working Plastic Mandrel Set

SKU: 1755
Creates 3 shapes of different sizes using these round, square and triangle mandrel with one interchangeable handle. Colour will vary.

4 in 1 Hands Presser European Style

SKU: 3069
Spring post to keep punch vertical as you used 9 different bits depending on the hole on the hands.

8” Double Ended Half Round Wax File

SKU: 774
To be used with wax, wood and plastic. Features 2 sides - medium and coarse.

Abrasive Polishing Points in a Wooden Box (100)

SKU: 1414
Great for finishing and polishing semi-precious stones. Made from aluminium oxide. Shapes include: Cylinder, Flat Edge Wheel, Knife Edge, Bud and Inverted Cone.Contains 100 Polishing abrasives Weight: 800 gms/box

Abrasive Polishing Points in a Wooden Box (36)

SKU: 666
Great for finishing and polishing semi-precious stones. Made from aluminium oxide. Shapes include: Cylinder, Flat Edge Wheel, Knife Edge, Bud and Inverted Cone.Contains 36 Polishing abrasives Weight: 300 gms/box

Acid Bottle Glass Empty

For testing solutions - Gold, Silver and Platinum. Environment friendly and can be reused.

Acrylic 4 Compartment Job Envelope Holder

SKU: 1586
Keeps repair and storage envelopes neatly organised and easily available

Acrylic Bur Stand with 40 Holes

SKU: 1704
Stand holes mini buffs, brushes and drills of 3/32” (2.35mm) shank. Holes are laser drilled and evenly spaced.

Adjustable Flame Gas Torch 2K

SKU: 967
• Ideal for soldering • Tank capacity: 50 grams • Flame temperature: 1300ºC / 2370ºF • Refillable gas: LPG/Propane/Butane

Adjustable Ring Mandrel Stand

SKU: 1514
Size - (13½” x 2”) All steel construction that can be fixed to your workbench. One side can be moved upwards with a spanner provided. (Ring mandrel sold separately)

Adjustable Wall Bracket

SKU: 1806
Can raise or lower tools upto 4” in ½” increments.

Agate Burnishers

Excellent for burnishing and creating bright mirror finish. Made of natural stone. Also helps removing imperfections on jewellery.

Air Blower with Teflon Nozzle

SKU: 1385
Smaller size with the added advantage that the nozzle will not scratch or damage parts.

AIR Diamond Sieves 74 Plates (8cm)

SKU: 2045
#000 to 20 with ¼ sizes accuracy. Guaranteed premium quality. Polycarbonate body.

Air Texturing Gun

Useful tool to get dull or matt texture to jewellery. Hammer action of diamond tipped tool adds a luxurious texture and sparkle to gold and silver jewellery diamond hammering point is replaceable.

AIR” Diamond Grading Lamp

SKU: 2036
18 watt neutral light. True-day light 5600K to 6000K brightness.

Aluminium Large Dies Set of 6

SKU: 1394
4 Deep Dies: 43x45, 46x50, 54x56, 57x65mm 2 Flat Dies: 35x40, 46x50mm.

Aluminium Loupe Euro Pro Series

SKU: 1866
•Light weight construction aluminium body with a screw-on aluminium bezel which holds the 22mm lens in place. •Colour coded in Blue (2½x), Red (5x), Green (7½x), Yellow (10x). •Set of 4 loupes in box provided with a head band spring.1866A Individual Loupes Weight 20 gms/pc Price: US$ 1.50/pc

Aluminium Ring Gauge Set of 36

SKU: 1549
Universal Sizes: 1-36, 41-76. Multi-colour. 1549 European Standard 1549A British Standard