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Assortment of 13 Popular Keys in Plastic Pouch

SKU: 1183
Contains: 5 Brass Keys 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. 4 Mild Steel Single Keys 4, 5, 6, 7. 4 Mild Steel Double Ended Keys 4, 5, 6, 7. Small Hole 1.95mm. Economy version of our deluxe kit # 1147.

Assortment of 47 Keys for Mantle Clocks, Carriage Clocks and Pocket Watches

SKU: 1161
Contains: 13 Brass Keys Nos. 3 to 15. 7 Single End Nickelled Keys Nos. 2 to 8. 8 Double End Nickelled Nos. 4 to 7. 14 Pocket Watch Keys Nos. 00 to 12. 5 Travel Clock Key Double Nos. 4 to 8.

Assortment of Clock Nuts, Screws, Washers and Bushing

SKU: 1335
Assortment of 150 pcs. Excellent utility box for clock repairers who do not want to buy each separate.

Blue Wire Steel

Assortment packet of 12 pcs. Can be used for a wide variety of things like rivets, pivots, bushings, hinges, etc.Blue Pivot Steel Wires can also be provided in individual sizes in packets of 100 pcs. Prices will be quoted on request.

Brass Bushing for Clock

SKU: 3043
(Packet of 10 pcs) A) 0.80 (2.10 x 2.20mm) D) 1.00 (3.30 x 3.40mm) B) 0.90 (2.50 x 2.60mm) E) 1.10 (3.70 x 3.80mm) C) 0.90 (2.90 x 3.00mm) F) 1.10 (4.10 x 4.20mm)

Brass Hollow Wire

SKU: 1063
Packet of 5 pcs; ideal for bushings. Outside Øx Inside Hole

Brass Hour Wheel / Cannon Pinion Bridge, Drilled

SKU: 1877
• Pipe Outer Ø: 9 mm • Pipe Inner Ø: 6.30 mm • Pipe Length: 22 mm • With mounting hole

Brass Keys Double Ended

SKU: 1222
Small end for regulating clocks and large end for winding.

Brass Keys for Carriage Clock

SKU: 1135
Double Ended Nos. 0 to 13. Smaller End Nos. 1.75mm to 1.95mm

Brass Keys for Clock – Five Pronged

Strong brass construction; helps repairer save time in looking for different keys when repairing several clocks at a time.

Brass Pulley for Antique Clocks

Used for cable driven antique clocks for cable to loop through and weight to hang.

Brass Ratchet Wheels for Clock

SKU: 1185
Solid brass with square hole and 20 teeth. Used in conjunction with clicks to create power by turning

Brass Washers

Packet of 100 pcs. Go on top of minute hands to maintain hands to maintain tension so that hands do not move (dome shape).